Really, Schlereth?

What the fuck?

Ok, seriously? Like, I wasn’t a huge fan of Mark Schlereth’s holier than thou “I played in the NFL and know way more than you do” attitude to begin with. But then I found out that he has his own line of chile out and calls it “Stinkin good green chile.” What the fuck? First of all, I wouldn’t even touch green eggs and ham if Dr. Suess served it to me himself. I’m definitely not going anywhere near Schlereth’s “stinkin” anything. And do I even need to point out that the name is really fucking retarded. The dude is trying to sell chile by creating a logo that is basically a shrine to himself. It’s a Mark Schlereth ad, brought to you by green peppers. Hey Schlereth, you’re not Emeril Lagasse. Nobody likes you, so shut the fuck up about your god damn chile and just keep acting like a tool on camera…. Ass hole.


Ass Hole


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