Eagles Continue To Rape NFL Free Agency

2012 SuperBowl Champs (19-0)!!!!!!
As if the Eagles weren’t already the target of the entire NFL’s jealous streak, they have now gone out and stolen their hated division rival’s best receiver, former Giants Pro Bowler Steve Smith. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head in a number of forms; from upset New England fans that are bitter because they are no longer the most feared team in the league to Giants fans that pretend not to care about football at all anymore. And just to be clear, nobody has won anything yet. We know this. Jeffrey Lurie, Andy Reid, Howie Roseman, and the rest of the Eagles organization know this. Just because Vince Young (backup) was so excited to come to the Superbowl favorite (not “champion”…favorite) and called the Eagles ‘The Dream Team”, and the media started making all these generalizations about just how baller the Eagles have been in free agency, doesn’t mean that as fans, we expect that the trophy be handed to us.

But nobody can deny that the Eagles have been the most active, efficient, and effective in free agency this year. They added an absolutely ridiculous amount of talent to an already promising team. The reason that fans across the nation are constantly talking shit about the Eagles now is because they know that their teams just aren’t as talented as Philly’s is. Nuff said.

Now that the Eagles have made serious moves in free agency and the Phillies have a stronghold on the best record in the MLB, Boston fans especially are becoming increasingly frustrated that their reign on the sports world is slowly fading into what is sure to be a dismal future. And to make matters worse, they are being replaced by the ever-so-hated teams of the great city of Philadelphia. Boston fans just don’t know what to do with themselves, so they create blogs about how Eagles fans are celebrating before they’ve won anything. We haven’t been celebrating anything besides our organization finally, FINALLY taking chances and grabbing some big names. Can’t we be excited for our team? While they will not admit it, if they had done what the Eagles have done, each and every Mass-hole would be blowing up their facebook and twitter accounts with rants about how the perfect 19-0 season (not 18-1……………) is right around the corner. In fact, early in free agency, one such Boston fan who wishes to remain nameless (Charlie Eisenbies), wrote:

“Just give the pats the trophy and save everyone the trouble.”

New York Giants fans love to call Philadelphia Fans classless just because we come up with creative ways to show our hatred for other teams. What some call classless, I call revolutionary. New York fans act like they are classier, but they are the ones that are responsible for Cliff Lee coming to Philadelphia because they were spitting on his wife when he was playing in Yankee Stadium (thanks for that by the way). And just look at the way they reacted to Steve Smith heading to the Eagles! You didn’t see this sort of reaction when McNabb left for the Redskins did you?

Philly fans will forever be revered as both the best and worst fans simultaneously, and there’s just nothing we can do about that. But for now, let us enjoy our moments in the spotlight and ease up on the jealous hate-mongering. It’s just going to make it that much worse when your team comes to play Philadelphia.



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