Brett Favre Indecision 2011

When Brett Favre walked into an area Cheesecake Factory at 7:30pm last Sunday night, it appeared to everyone to be just another Favre family dinner.  That is, until Brett opened his menu.  It’s been almost a week since that fateful summer night and Favre has yet to budge from his favorite corner booth in the popular restaurant.  Multiple press conferences have been held daily while Brett desperately and emotionally tries to come to a decision on what to order.

Sources(his wife) say that originally Brett had decided on the “Pasta Da Vinci” due to his love for madeira sauce.  However, when the waitress Stephanie came to take his order, his mind had changed forever altering the lives of everyone involved.  There have been many close calls over the last week with Brett leaning toward ordering a “Glamburger” only to start openly weeping and change his mind.  At one point, the whole situation looked to surely be coming to a close when Favre called an exhausted Stephanie over to his table and confidently ordered the Lobster only to be told the Cheesecake Factory does not serve lobster.  Thats when the crowd gathered outside could once again hear Favre’s wails of lament.  We were able to catch up to Stephanie and ask her about the ordeal, here’s what she had to say:

“I haven’t slept in a week, I’m tired and I just want to go home.  I don’t see what the big deal is, just pick something and eat it.  Why does he keep crying like that it’s so off-putting.”

Favre’s children have been encouraging him to pick what he wants and not worry about them.  Insisting that they will support no matter his decision.  Hopefully the situation gets resolved soon and until it does you can can’t on us to cover the story from dusk until dawn.

On a lighter note, due to the closing of  the Cheesecake Factory for the week, a nearby P.F. Chang’s has had it’s best business week ever.


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