Worst Team in the NFL

Given Cro’s recent post about the Raiders’ organization’s dismal outlook on the 2011 season, I got to thinking: Which team’s fans are truly suffering the most? Is it the lonely fans in Buffalo shoveling their driveways in June? Or maybe the Jags fans down in Florida praying that their team doesn’t move to a real city? Those miserable Bungles fans stuffing their faces full of their own poisonous concoction of 9-way Chili? Or the Lions fans who put bags over their heads in their desperation to hold on to the one thing that made living in the greater Detroit area worth it? The Carolina Panthers who have put the entirety of their already slim hopes into a rookie QB who is going to be the worst bust in history?

In unrelated news, I heard something about Buffalo possibly moving up to Toronto or something, and I just wanted to say… no. fuck that. The NFL is the one sport that has remained wholesome and American. We don’t want the Toronto Eh?’s coming in and ruining the league with their maple syrup and shit. That’s why they have the CFL. Sure, it’s like minor league football, but what is poor canada going to do with their BS league if they actually get NFL teams?

Anyway, if you’re Canadian I’m sorry… it must really suck to live in Canada. But I would like to publicly challenge Cro to a duel of the worst teams in the league in the first annual “Toilet Bowl”… if he’s man enough to accept it.

My pick: The Buffalo Bills

Your move.


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