Eli Manning Says He’s In Same Class As Tom Brady


I’m gonna go out on a limb as long as we’re making comparisons and say that collecting stamps gets you laid more than being in a band.  Or that Home Alone 3 was better than Home Along 1 and 2.  Who does this dub think he is?

“I consider myself in that class, and Tom Brady is a great quarterback.”

We don’t even need to bring stats into this conversation.  The argument is already over before it even starts.  Brady is a HOF’er and Eli is a pussy.  Brady has a kid with Bridget Moynahan and Gisele.  Eli has a pouty face named after him.  Here’s how I assume the rest of that interview went:

“Yea, I honestly do think I’m better than Peyton.  I’ll probably throw for at least 6,000 yards next season and I’ll do it left-handed.  Crystal Pepsi was better than the original.”

What a chump.  Stop talking dude, it’s embarrassing.


3 responses to “Eli Manning Says He’s In Same Class As Tom Brady

  1. As much as I have Brady-hated in the past couple days… I must admit, you’re spot on with this one. Eli is a whiny little bitch. Remember when he cried because he got drafted to the chargers and refused to play for them like a little kid who doesn’t wanna try broccoli? yeah, what a lil bitch.

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