Little League Softball?!

So I flip on my TV tonight looking to kick back and watch some sports and what do I find on ESPN2?  You guessed it, the Little League Softball World Series.  I am amazed, nay, flabbergasted.  Who in their right mind is watching this shit?  Who in their right mind watches adult softball other than the guys at your office that were left off the team for a litany of reasons but still want to hang around and pretend to be part of something social…







Listen, I watch the Little League World Series when I’m flipping through the channels and there’s nothing on.  I watch it to see the little dudes throw tantrums when they strikeout.  I watch it because any time the USA plays another country in anything, I become borderline racist and live and die with “us.”  However, I do not watch softball other than to pick out which chick on the field I would like to have my way with.  So it goes without saying that I cannot do this with little league softball.  Take it off TV, there’s absolutely no need for it.  I’d rather watch Merril Hoge pretend he had something even close to resembling an actual NFL career for two hours than watch this drivel.


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