Tom Brady (and Some Morning Hotness)

There has been a lot of Brady-bashing from my blogging counterpart Bro Jones lately (alliteration yay!) so I felt I needed to clarify.  Cro jones is an unabashed Patriots fan and Brady lover.  First, in response to all of the “girly-man” talk let me say this, Tom Brady could have sex with a dude and still be more manly than most of the NFL.  Homeboy bailed on super-hottie Bridget Moynahan for ultra-hottie Gisele Bundchen without missing a beat.  Now onto the Uggs and girly haircut issue, as long as the guy keeps winning football games and putting up video game numbers that make other pro bowl quarterbacks cry he can wear whatever the hell he wants.  He’s earned that right.  Hell, if I got to go home to Gisele every night, I’d wear a little black dress and panties for a year.  I’m not afraid to say that.  Okay, that’s not true but I’d definitely rock some Uggs.

Sorry to stray from my usual crack sports news reporting but I felt like I needed to show my allegiances.  Now, enjoy this:



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