Record Attendance at a Little League World Series Game: 45,000

Yeah, you read that right. 45 motherfucking thousand people. At the Little League World Series. Someone explain this to me because I really can’t figure it out. Like, you have roughly 12 kids on each team so that’s 24 sets of parents. So 48 people minus about 5 taking into account a few deadbeat dads. There’s 43…. throw in a few siblings we’ll be generous and say like 60…. We’re still 44,940 people short. Where the hell are they all coming from?

And who the hell flies half way around the world to see Japan playing in America besides the immediate family of the players (assuming they can get off work)? The only way you would ever find me at a LLWS game is if I happened to be strolling by at the time and have nothing better to do. Like go see a real baseball game. Or go home and beat off. If you had each kids family, grandparents, great grandparents, friends, their friends parents and their friends’ grandparents, you still wouldn’t even be close to 45,000. That means that people have really taken an interest in seeing little Tommy Johnson racking up K’s with his lethal 46 mph curveball. And for SOME reason (as Cro pointed out in an earlier post), ESPN feels the need to play it on both ESPN and ESPN2 when I’m trying to watch ANYTHING else. Who the fuck cares?

It’s almost as entertaining as watching NASCAR. Step your game up, ESPN.


4 responses to “Record Attendance at a Little League World Series Game: 45,000

  1. God bless you, B J ones! And that comes from an atheist. I love your use of ‘motherfucking’ (it’s what made me click on this post – glad I did) and ‘beat off.’ For a while I was thinking that I am the only one who swears on wordpress.
    And your point about the 45k assholes who watched preteens playing baseball on a miniature field is dead on: so many things I’d rather do besides that abortion. And I like baseball, and preteens in tight pats. Kidding about the last one.

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