Raiders Draft Terrelle Pryor

Yea, that makes sense.

It was either Oakland or Cincy but Pryor ran a blistering 4.36 forty so Oakland had to have him.  The Raiders would draft a kicker with the first pick if he ran a fast enough forty.  Heck, they’d probably even draft a war criminal (I’m thinking Gadhafi?) if he had quicks.  Yea, that’s right Cro Jones is up on his world news.  That’s some social commentary motherfuckers, I just segued from the supplementary draft to Libya in about two sentences.  But in my world, sports come first so don’t expect that to ever happen again.

Meanwhile, I think Pryor has more potential than Cam Newton if I’m being completely honest.  However, Oakland is a black hole so lets make some predictions kiddos.


2 responses to “Raiders Draft Terrelle Pryor

  1. “black hole” – isn’t that what they call the Raider’s fan section near the endzone?
    Gadhafi himself is a bit old, but one of his sons played pro ‘soccer’ in Europe. I hear Al Davis thinks he’ll make a great contribution to the lockeroom.

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