When Moths Attack

Jesus. H. Christ…. This has to be one of the most disgusting and terrifying scenarios in recent memory. During a baseball game, Matt Holliday was just minding his own business humming the Captain Planet theme song when… WHOOSH! a fucking moth flies all up in his ear canal. I’ve heard jokes about moths and ears before, but I never really thought it could actually happen in real life. Aaaaaand now I’m completely terrified of moths.

Holliday added that he could feel it moving around in his ear. When they failed to grasp the little bugger with the tweezers, guess what they went to next. Saline solution to rinse it out? Nay. They brought him into a dark room and lured the moth out with a light. If I were Matt Holliday I think that would be my absolute last resort. I can’t even describe the serious mental issues that would result from feeling a moth wriggle free from being ensnared in my ear canal. Fucking gross.


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