Women’s Tennis


There are a lot of sports where the women’s version is just unbearable to watch after being spoiled with the raw talent and physical superiority of their male counterparts. Women’s tennis is not one of those sports. While I don’t watch tennis on the whole very often, save the occasional Nadal or Federer match, I don’t find that women’s tennis is much different. In fact, sometimes it can be very easy on the eyes. However, one thing about women’s tennis (which I guess happens in men’s tennis too but is far less annoying) is the unnecessary gruntgasm. What is this? Is it really necessary to unleash a deafening shriek each time you return the ball? I understand that there’s something to be said for exhaling at impact to give you more power, but sometimes these gasms can last for several seconds, exaggerating to the point where I question what else exactly they’ve got going on down there. Not that I know what a fake orgasm sounds like, but if I had to imagine one I would say it would be comparable to the noises that some of these lady athletes make on the court. Enough, girls. Just play the sport instead of trying to draw attention to yourself. Modeling is ok, too. Unless you look like Steffi Graf.


4 responses to “Women’s Tennis

  1. Thanks… and for the record I’m not putting down women as a gender. I love women. Women are awesome. and they have played a reasonably important part in my existence on earth, so i’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. And like… Serena Williams would whoop my ass in tennis, annika sorenstam would embarrass me in golf, but put me up against Cheryl Swoops any day of the week and I’ll take it at least 9 out of 10 times.

    I was 90% referring to the WNBA.

    Anywhoo, thanks for the love!

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