New England Patriots Vs. Detroit Lions

So, due to this powerful, powerful woman named Irene coming to town I really don’t have a lot to do tonight.  So I’m going to do my own version of a live blog/game diary of the third and final Patriots preseason game against the Lions.  I’ll be watching and blogging throughout the game, I’ll just keep updating whenever the mood strikes me.  I may just delete this if it doesn’t work but if it does…let me know….and as always, I love you.


  • Right off the bat we have a nice awkward moment where Leslie Visser asks Jim Schwartz if she can call him “Schwartz-ie”.  Which, coincidentally, is my opening line to girls at the bar.
  • When it’s all said and done who is gonna have a better career, Calvin or Bethel Johnson?
  • Devin McCourty gets burned twice on the opening drive by Nate “why do you keep calling me a deep threat?” Burleson…not a good sign.
  • Ochocinco gets Goldberg speared and called for offensive pass interference…Dan Dierdorf awkward gurgling chuckle number one on the game.
  • Brady gets murked…I vomit in a fit of anxiety.
  • Jerome Harrison, remember him?  Dude had like 6,000 yards in two weeks a couple years back for the Browns.
  • Touchdown Burleson…it’s officially a rout…10-0
  • Lions defense looks stout right now…no joke.
  • I really like Aaron Hernandez.  You could say I like like him.
  • And that’s the first quarter kids, we’ll call this a dress rehearsal…maybe bring this back during the season that counts, I dont know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time

It’s time for a poll:


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