Vick Signs 6-Year Extension with Eagles

Sorry Cro Jones, sorry NFL, sorry nation… guess you guys are all shit out of luck for the better part of the next decade. Number 7 will be running circles around defenses wearing midnight green for the next six years. Vick signed a 6-year deal reportedly worth $100-million, boldly announcing to everyone despite constant disdain and criticism, “I’m back for real.” This deal makes him the third highest paid QB in the NFL behind Peyton and Pretty Boy. This deal was huge for the Eagles for a number of reasons. Not only did they lock down one of the best players in football for a long-term deal, but this also frees up some cap room to go ahead and work out a deal with the severely underpaid DeSean Jackson. Ok ok, now I know what you all are thinking, “Did the picture really need to be that big?” And the answer is yes, it did.



3 responses to “Vick Signs 6-Year Extension with Eagles

  1. This is definitely a risky move on the part of the Eagles. Vick is obviously known as one of the least durable QB’s in the league because of his scrambling ways. He takes hard hits and the bigger those hits are the harder a player falls. Vick isn’t a big guy and you wonder if as he gets older can he handle the punishment he takes on a weekly basis. With that being said, you can’t fault the Eagles for giving him that much money. I mean, Larry Fitzgerald did get $50 million guaranteed. In the end though, as a fan, I’m just happy that Michael Vick is playing at a high level once again and I hope that he can stay healthy in the future. Also, could you take a quick peek at my blog because I would love to know what you think

  2. $40 million guaranteed right after a career year for a dude that gets hurt pretty pretty easily…you got nothin to apologize for until the Eagles win anything

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