Getting to First Base in Tennis

Man, nothing sucks more than getting denied a kiss in front of millions thousands of fans.  Well, unless you’re trying to kiss another dude.  I promise you, in no way am I being homophobic here.  I’m from Massachusetts, I couldn’t support equal rights more if I tried, but this situation doesn’t really have anything to do with all that.  This is just so uncomfortable to watch.  Gael Monfils is French so you’d think he’d be used to the friendly kiss, I’ve never been to France but that’s kind of what I picture it being like.  Just a bunch of people acting like hipsters, hating Americans, and kissing each other platonically.  Sometimes repeatedly, like a couple hundred times over the course of a conversation.  Like “Hey Pierre *smooch* how’s it going? *muah* wanna grab a smoke and watch a movie we both hate? *kisses*  But I digress.  I just have no idea what Dimitrov was going for here.  Still, you gotta commend the kids gusto.  He loses a match and just goes in for the kill.  It’s like me at party when I’ve been drinking.  A chick is giving me all the wrong signals, she just keeps bringing up her boyfriend when it really isn’t fluid to the conversation, keeps saying we should go hang out where her friends are yada, yada, yada, and I still make my move.  But when you’re nice a lubed up with drinks, getting the door slammed in your face doesn’t hurt…doing it after you just lost a tennis match where the cameras can catch it?  Yeah that’s gotta be painful.

P.S. Big move on Monfils’ part to give the dude a sympathy cheek kiss…that’s class.

P.P.S. The whole part about me making my move anyway was a lie…I don’t get denied…my game is tight.


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