Brandon Tate Signs With Bengals, Promptly Arrested

New England Patriots cast off Brandon Tate was picked up off of waivers yesterday by the Cincinnati Bengals.  However, minutes after being signed, the receiver was arrested at his home in North Carolina.  The charges were not specified and after speaking with police, Tate and his agent aren’t even sure if he is being charged with anything.  A spokesperson for the Chapel Hill police department had this to say:

“Brandon hasn’t done anything wrong…yet.  This was a preemptive arrest, almost like a warning shot.  Bengals players don’t exactly have the best track record over the last 10 or so years so we just wanted to get out in front of this one.  Brandon is a great kid, he’s got a spotless record, but again he’s a Bengal now.  I can’t stress this enough, A BENGAL.”

Tate was released on five dollars bail and his court date has been set for early next month.  This isn’t the first case of police trying to get out ahead of crime in professional sports, a year ago police officers set up a sting outside of a Portland Trailblazers practice and arrested the entire team and most of the coaching staff.


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