Peyton Manning Undergoes Second Neck Surgery

Son of a bitch. I just got totally fucked. Manning decides to go ahead and tell the press he’s feeling ahead of his recovery and that he might even be back for week one making his outlook look very positive. Draft day comes around and these words echo in my head and Boom, Peyton Manning is my pick. Then I find out he’s coming out of a second neck surgery that may keep him out ALL SEASON. Well FUCK YOU Peyton! How you gonna play me like that? Now Colt McCoy and Donovan need to step it up for me to have any chance. Thanks a lot.

In other news, I’m basically going to be playing Cro with my B team as it now looks like Arian Foster will sit week 1. We are not even into the first week and my team is already plagued by injuries. Great. Arian recently tweeted that people that are concerned about their fantasy teams because of his injury “are sick”. Well guess fucking what? I don’t know you, all I know is that you are a good football player. You could be the biggest ass hole on earth, I don’t care. What I do care about is the money I have invested in you to bring me fantasy points. So quit being a pussy and get back on that field, I’m not paying for you to sit the bench.

PS I wish I started Sproles instead of Foster. Keep it up little guy!


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