2012 NFL Season…Go Patriots

So I’ve been noticeably absent from the blog for the last few days as I have been busy celebrating turning the big 2-5.  That’s right, Cro Jones has been alive for a quarter of a century.  I honestly didn’t think I’d make it that long so I consider it a big win.  Anywho, in my absence I’ve noticed Bro posting a lot about the Eagles and the upcoming season.  I had to put a stop to all this Eagles porn.  So I thought I’d cleanse your palette with some Patriots stuff that gets me jacked up…this is a team ladies and gentleman.  These are champions.


“We didn’t open up his chest and look at his heart.”  I fucking love that.  I don’t care who you are, if you hate Brady it’s all jealousy.  This guy is the real deal and I’m so amped for Monday night I can’t stand it.  It’s so good to have football back in my life.


6 responses to “2012 NFL Season…Go Patriots

  1. I don’t know who you guys are, but you’re the first people I’m following here at WordPress. I just started a blog here- and know not what the hell I’m doing- but whatever! Hate the Pats, but love Brady. I’ll be at the game in Miami Monday night….on the Dolphin’s side, but totally scoping out Brady. I’m a lady- so nothing weird -don’t worry!

    I was on my way to Salem, Mass. for some Halloween stuff- maybe 6 years ago? (That’s a cool-ass town!)The Dolphins were sucking so bad- I can’t even tell you. I think they won one game that year-and that win felt like the freakin’ Super Bowl. You know the Dolphins- always fighting their way to the middle. Anyway- we came up on these Pats fans and we admitted we were Fins fans- and y’know what? These guys were totally cool- chin up, things will be fine, all that kind of stuff. I never forgot that.

    I have no idea if you guys are even Pats fans, or what your deal is, but I’m in. And Cro Jones? You’re 25? C’mon son- that’s only the beginning! But happy brithday- do it up big!!

  2. Lisa I’ve got to admit, you would not have elicited such a polite response from Eagles fans. And for that I am sorry. I’ve got no beef with the Dolphins though, I was way happy when they finally found Snowflake and saved Dan Marino.

    Anyway, thanks for the love. Keep checking back for more of our insightful charm.

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