Oh My God, The Mayans Were Right…

Record high temperatures this summer, hurricanes cruising up the east coast and unleashing on Vermont (why?), earthquakes rattling the east, the Buffalo Bills putting up 41 points… The end must be near. Earlier this week I was faced with the decision: Green Bay Defense against the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees or Kansas City Defense against Buffalo H.S. … Seems like a no brainer right?  Wrong. The Bills decided to go Fitzpatrick on everybody’s ass and put up 41 god damn points this week. WHAT? Did they even score 41 points all of last season? Something in the universe is obviously awry. And despite the extreme lack of motivation on Cro’s squad this week, my team seems to be mentally hindered by the loss of their team captain, Peyton Manning. Although the game is not over yet, McFadden and Brandon Lloyd are going to have to go big in the 4th quarter here if I want any chance at a victory.

I just called a time out, it’s pep talk time…


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