Cro vs. Bro Week One

Final Score: (Cro) 79- (Bro) 75

This was a fantasy match-up for the ages.  And by ages I mean shitter.  You know I mean that when I say it because I won.  Listen, I’m not gonna run my mouth after this one as much as I want to because I escaped this week.  Bro had Peyton and Arian both out this week and while I was also decimated by injuries, he lost his first pick.  That’s the one theme from this week I think is most prevalent, injuries.  I had Sydney Rice sit out and then lost Steven Jackson after he took one to the house on the first play from scrimmage.  I’m pretty sure there’s a little P or Q next to every single one of our players at this point and it’s only been one week…shit.

Quick recap of our days.  You know what?  I’m not even going to bother, our QB’s were subpar, our running backs did what they were expected and everyone that caught passes should have been wearing diapers.  Fantasy week one in a nutshell.  I just threw a chair.  It was a booster seat.  It’s mine.

I also would like to point out that Bro and I are the only ones who have been talking shit throughout the preseason and during the draft, and we backed that up by being the only two guys in the league to not break the 80 point mark.  I will not apologize.  I will not stop talking.  This week was a gimme, I promise I will only get stronger.  I’ve been free-basing Ritalin since Saturday afternoon to get the edge.  Yea, there are PED’s in fantasy football and we don’t drug test…right?

P.S. I’m 1-0…undefeated…BOOM.


3 responses to “Cro vs. Bro Week One

  1. Anyone who knows how to hustle knows that you have to intentionally lose a few before you win big… Just following my master plan.

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