Floyd Mayweather “KO’s” Victor Ortiz…Gets TKO’d By Larry Merchant


I wish I had posted this last night before all the videos were taken off the internets.  I also wish I had paid to see this spectacle live but I don’t have that kind of money.  I can’t be paying to watch sporting events all willy nilly.  What with all the bills I have to pay.  All the groceries I have to buy.  All the sex   foot fetish websites    erotic literature   charities my paychecks go toward.  Anyway, in case you didn’t get it, I don’t have a ton of disposable income…ladies.  So, I had to watch this fight via sporadically updated live blogs…which is what I usually do for big time boxing matches.  I’ll pay for UFC fights because a lot of the time it’s worth it, or I’ll just go to Wild Wings because I don’t have enough friends to reimburse me the $50 PPV fee but I will not pay for a boxing match until Floyd fights Manny.  So, I’ll skip the fight analysis save to say that Mayweather most likely jabbed and then ran away for the entirety of the 4 rounds.

Now we get to the juicy stuff.  Ortiz, despite several warnings, headbutted Mayweather leading to a stoppage.  Ortiz lost a point and then the two embraced and before Ortiz could get his gloves back up, Mayweather rocked him with a vicious combination that ended the fight.  I hate Mayweather so I’m not gonna go into whether or not this was dirty or not (it was) but I will say it was at best, unsportsmanlike.  Either way, Floyd won the fight and when he was questioned about it by Larry Merchant right after, Mayweather went off on the veteran commentator.

“You never give me a fair shake.  HBO needs to fire you.  You don’t know shit about boxing!”

Larry Merchant is 80 years old.  This was his response:

“I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.”

Dude.  Shit.  What a badass.  He said that while Mayweather was posturing, trying to get into his face and he was laughing.  What I learned from this “fight” is:

  • Victor Ortiz will smile no matter what the fuck is going on in his life.
  • Larry Merchant is a hard motherfucker
  • Floyd Mayweather is a dancer first, boxer second
  • Until Mayweather agrees to fight Pacquiao…he’s a bitch…okay, he’s not a bitch…he still scares me…he’s just the second best fighter in the world
  • I like MMA more than boxing
  • I’m broke

P.S.  That was wicked dirty…wicked dirty.


One response to “Floyd Mayweather “KO’s” Victor Ortiz…Gets TKO’d By Larry Merchant

  1. haha…’ I don’t have enough friends to reimburse me the $50 Pay-per-view fee’ I don’t believe that…lol

    The guys all went to see the fight at Bru’s room, which is an ex-Dolphin’s ‘Wild Wings’…Evidently, the crowd was so large, it spilled out onto the street, and filled three parking lots with (car) overflow. There were six cop cars surrounding the crowd, waiting for the mood to turn ugly. When it all went down, the place got hysterical, lots of ‘wtf’s?’, the cops turned on their lights (oooh!) and there were a few drunken scuffles. It sounded kind of exciting (to see it with the crowd) So much drama and controversy in boxing!

    Good post

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