Dream Team Green Week 2 Analysis

Well. I got killed again…. The peril that has become my fantasy team has slipped further into a list of injuries. As we know, my 3rd pick, Peyton Manning, is out for the season. That was a bummer. Then Arian Foster gets a hamstring injury… ok, well at least he’ll only be out a week or so. WRONG. Like 5 plays into the game he re-reinjures it. Awesome, there goes my first round pick for what could be an off and on season. Marcedes Lewis? Out. Brandon Lloyd? Out. Jacoby Ford? Out. Brent Celek? Questionable. Mike Williams? Healthy but put up 0 points.

Well fuck me sideways. 6 injured players and only 9 starting spots. That’s awesome. Can’t wait til McFadden pulls a Jamaal Charles. I don’t even have the ability to trade at this point because nobody wants injured players. The fantasy Gods have fucked me.

That being said, I still think I’m going to win it all.


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