The Hiatus Is Over

Hey kids sorry we haven’t been around much these days but you know how life gets.  Just because we haven’t been blogging as much doesn’t mean we love you any less.  Or that there’s something wrong with our relationship…several therapists have said we’re just fine.  That being said, this unexpected hiatus will officially be ending tomorrow.  I get out of work just in time for the early games and I plan on blogging the shit out of my afternoon.  Just a haze of beer, wings, blogs, and horrible life decisions.  Decisions that will not only affect me now but will haunt my dreams until the day I die.  Decisions that assure you everything is legal but fail to tell you that’s only in Mexico, and you definitely have to pay extra.  Decisions that openly mock you when you break down in tears.    Decisions that call you ten years down the road asking for child support and palimony and what the fuck is palimony?  So stay tuned cuz it’s gonna get weird…and I apologize in advance if I break the internets.  As always, I love you…perhaps too much.

~Cro Jones


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