Epic Failures in the MLB

As the post season progresses, and given that I have been absent for quite a while, I felt the need to point out that the Atlanta Braves have decided to change their name to the Atlanta Mets as a result of their horrific downfall out of the wildcard race late in the season. They blew like an 8 game lead or some shit like that. The Mets, angry with the former Braves organization’s decision to steal their name went on the offensive. Mets owner, who chose not to be named due to years of embarrassment, stated,

“You can’t just go out and steal someone’s name like that. We here at the Mets organization are very agitated with Major League Baseball. I will be in meetings with the commissioner later this week, that is for sure. This club has a long standing reputation for taking second stage to the Yankees and we have created the art of choking over decades of poor play. Psh, f****** Braves think they’re so cool…”

He went on to call them “copycats”. ESPN and other media outlets are expected to blow this name calling wildly out of proportion.

The name change is not yet official and is awaiting final approval from the MLB. However, The Boston Red Sox are said to be lobbying for the name as well, and are expected to initiate legal proceedings before any moves become final.

Amongst the turmoil, General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Neal Huntington is recorded as saying,

“Hey, what about us?”



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