Skip Bayless is a F****** Idiot

So I finally had a day off and spent the morning watching some Sportscenter and OTL hoping for the appearance of Mark Schlereth to give me some new material for a post. Instead, I had to listen to Skip Bayless drone on and on about the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. I had hated Skip Bayless for quite some time, but in the past few months I had begun to come around and actually quite liked him as an analyst. Until today when Skip slingshotted himself back down to the depths of Schlereth in the Bro Jones Bottom Feeders.

First of all, he keeps trying to say that Tony Romo is one of the best QBs in the league.

Everyone: “Man the Cowboys are in some trouble this year.”

Skip: “Yeah but they have Tony Romo.”

Everyone: “Exactly.”

Skip: “Romo is such a stud, I want Romo in or around my mouth.”

Then, he goes on to attack my Philadelphia Eagles, which is to be expected and I can’t knock anyone for doing that after the start they’ve had. But get this, Skip Bayless says that the Eagles would be a better team if they started VINCE YOUNG instead of MICHAEL VICK. Everyone on set stared at him in disbelief before they shit on his opinion. He was talking about how he threw 4 picks yesterday and it’s his unpredictable, high-risk play that makes the team play poorly. A few weeks earlier people were criticizing Tony Romo for throwing 4 interceptions and Skip rushes to Romo’s defense by saying that two of the interceptions were tipped and not his fault. Which was exactly what happened with Vick yesterday, except in Skip’s mind “he takes high risk chances that cause the balls to get tipped and intercepted.” Fucking idiot.

Not only does he want Tony Romo, but he absolutely worships Tim Tebow as well. Amongst his drooling for Tebow on the show today, he took a shot at Brandon Lloyd in one of the most far-fetched conspiracies I’ve ever heard. Brandon Lloyd is admittedly friends with Kyle Orton and said publicly that he should be the starter several weeks ago. In yesterday’s game, Tebow came in at QB and threw a 2-point conversion pass to Brandon Lloyd who almost made a diving catch that was batted away by the CB in a great defensive effort. Skip thinks that Brandon Lloyd unconsciously dropped the ball on purpose on an easily catchable pass (it wasn’t whatsoever) because he wanted to make Tebow look bad so Orton would start again………..What?

Those on set replied with what seemed to be the collective response of “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Skip Bayless masturbates to this video:



2 responses to “Skip Bayless is a F****** Idiot

  1. Romo hasn’t done anything in his career other then Jessica Simpson, so skip is from another planet. Although I’m not sold on Vick, Young is not the answer.

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