We Are So So Sorry…

Hey you.

You look great.  Have you lost weight?  I like your new haircut.  We wanted to call so many times but we just didn’t know what to say.  The way we left things last time was just too weird.  Basically what we’re trying to say is…sorry.  We’re sorry we disappeared after promising it would never happen again.  We’re sorry we’ve missed the majority of the NFL season.  But most of all we’re sorry for naming our first child Jerry Sandusky Jones Edition Jones…it was weird on so many levels even before the whole child abuse thing.  Mainly because our first child was a girl.  Anywho, we really miss you.  And this time we promise we’re not going anywhere.  If you’re willing to trust that we’re back for realsies…we’re willing to be faster, stronger, and better than ever.  And that’s a tentative promise.


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