Depression Has Invaded My Fanhood

As with most die hard fans, there are a select few number of teams that consume the entirety of my passion for sports. First and foremost, I have been an Eagles fan since I was just a little Niño. Everyone who is not from Philly hates the Eagles, which I guess is understandable, but I live for this team. Coming into the season hopes were high as we completely decimated the free agent board. Now, sitting at 4-8 with no hope of the post season, I sit with a sense of underachievement that supersedes any moment in my existence. Even more than when I got denied by the girl I was trying to “settle for” 2 weeks ago. Man, I’m at an all-time low.

Additionally, my beloved Clemson Tigers got off to a phenomenal 8-0 start before crumbling to Georgia Tech. And then the mediocre-at-best NC State. And then the most disgusting, disgraceful, etc etc etc team on earth, the South Carolina Penises….. I mean Dicks….. I mean Cocks, man I always mess that up! Tonight we face Vagina Tech in the ACC Championship. Given the way we’ve been playing lately, I’m not that optimistic, but one can still hope.



PS: At least my fantasy team is dominating. Both Cro and I had started off at the bottom of the league but now are on top of the AFC and NFC respectively. I have to say I saw that coming. Great managing.

PPS: I love you all.


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