Duke Basketball Team Draws 400 Foul Calls

The Duke Men’s basketball team drew an unprecedented 400 personal foul calls on their opponent late last week.  In a game against the Temple Owls, the crafty Blue Devils pulled out all the stops in getting to the line a whopping 350 times.  Coach Krezek…Krezyfi…Coach K has long been scrutinized for his players’ tendency to “flop” or go down easy at any sign of contact but this was another story.  The Dukies even employed the use of drama coaches in the week leading up to the game and each player carried around packets of fake blood.  Head official Steve Stevens commented on the wild game:

“At one point the kid that shoots all the 3’s really well took a shot…I swear no one was even close to him but when I looked back he was nearly unconscious and bleeding profusely…I had to call a foul.”

Temple’s entire team fouled out as well as the spirit squad and the volunteer fans that filled in for them.  NCAA officials have announced there were no violations in the game and will investigate no further.



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