Epic Failures in the MLB

As the post season progresses, and given that I have been absent for quite a while, I felt the need to point out that the Atlanta Braves have decided to change their name to the Atlanta Mets as a result of their horrific downfall out of the wildcard race late in the season. They blew like an 8 game lead or some shit like that. The Mets, angry with the former Braves organization’s decision to steal their name went on the offensive. Mets owner, who chose not to be named due to years of embarrassment, stated,

“You can’t just go out and steal someone’s name like that. We here at the Mets organization are very agitated with Major League Baseball. I will be in meetings with the commissioner later this week, that is for sure. This club has a long standing reputation for taking second stage to the Yankees and we have created the art of choking over decades of poor play. Psh, f****** Braves think they’re so cool…”

He went on to call them “copycats”. ESPN and other media outlets are expected to blow this name calling wildly out of proportion.

The name change is not yet official and is awaiting final approval from the MLB. However, The Boston Red Sox are said to be lobbying for the name as well, and are expected to initiate legal proceedings before any moves become final.

Amongst the turmoil, General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Neal Huntington is recorded as saying,

“Hey, what about us?”


A-Rod In Hot Water Again

Alex Rodriguez has landed himself in hot water once again, this time for discussing his six year old daughter Natasha’s upcoming soccer game.  Alex was attending a birthday party for one of his daughter’s friends when he was overheard discussing the upcoming match pitting Natasha against her best friend Stephanie.  When Stephanie’s father Steve said he was certain his daughter’s side would prevail, Alex quickly countered with the now infamous quote “I bet my daughter’s team wins it.  And I bet they win by at least two goals.  Also who’s bringing the orange slices tomorrow, didn’t we do it last game?”

Rodriguez has gotten himself in trouble several times throughout his career for partaking in underground, celebrity poker games.  One of these games made headlines recently when a fight reportedly broke out and hard drugs may or may not have been involved.  According to sources(my own hunch, and a couple dudes ESPN doesn’t want to reveal), Alex will escape these charges unscathed.  However, MLB unofficials say that Alex clearly wagered a bet on his daughter’s “futbol” match and even handicapped the match himself.  It appears that on the heels of being cleared for participating in a friendly, high-stakes poker game, Rodriguez has once again landed himself on the wrong side of the law for even discussing the possible outcome of his six year old daughter’s soccer game.  According to local officials, Rodriguez wasn’t even at said birthday party and also that said birthday party was clearly invented by yours truly for blogging purposes.  I agree with both statements.  And to break the “Fourth Wall” for a moment, I don’t even think the dude should be under the microscope for playing cards.  I mean, its a fuckin card game for cryin out loud.  I really doubt he was playing poker with the likes of:

DiCaprio and other A-listers who were putting their entire fortunes on the end of A-rod’s bat.  It’s a game of poker between disgustingly rich “friends”, let it go, you can’t really police what athletes do off the field or who they do it with.  Unless it’s crazy illegal.  Which I don’t think poker is.

In order to avoid legal ramifications, I should clarify that this entire post is fabricated.  I’m pretty sure Alex has a daughter named Natasha but everything else is a joke and if you believed it…kudos to me.