Hank Williams Jr. Gets The Axe

Good riddance.  I’m so glad this dude is gone from Monday Night Football, and that sentiment has nothing to do with him comparing Obama to Hitler.  I honestly couldn’t give fewer fucks about that, but its hard to offend me.  No, the reason I’m glad he was let go is because now we don’t have to listen to that 10 minute, God awful song every week while we wait for the game to begin.  Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s been doing it forever and it’s nostalgic and all that stuff but I just want to watch the game.  I would rather watch John Madden wandering around in his underwear yelling at trees than listen to Hank Williams before every game.  (Honestly, I just want to see John Madden again, I’m worried about him.)  The point is, the song sucks, we just want football.  I also hate how every year ESPN “unveils” this year’s “NEW!” theme song.  But it’s not new.  It’s the same shit every year.  It’s like Entourage, they keep telling us it’s new and we want to believe them but deep down we know…we know.  So here’s hoping that ESPN takes their time finding a replacement act to do the MNF theme and if I may offer a suggestion


Felonious Munk Rants About Obama… Amazing

I know this is pretty old and viral at this point. Odds are, you’ve already seen it. Doesn’t make it any less awesome, though. Nor is this about sports whatsoever…. but it needs to be watched. Fact.